About Us

Over 20 years of getting results for Canadian families

Our Mission

To mobilize, train and activate Canadians in defending and promoting Christian principles in Canadian society

Our Vision


national organization dedicated to a healthy moral Canadian society that protects children, honours and encourages traditional marriage and families, encourages responsible governance, and respects every citizen’s right to express and debate views and beliefs on all issues.

Our main objective is to inform and mobilize citizens and to provide government decision makers with information and direction.

We work with individuals, churches, other like-minded groups, and businesses to provide a unified thrust in promoting the Christian worldview in government, the media and society.

Active supporters from across Canada participate in various major campaigns through phone calls to MPs, petitions, brochure distribution and letters to editors of newspapers. Some even host meetings in their area on issues and invite speakers.

Our Principles

The following principles guide the issues we may address on a provincial or national level.

We believe moral tradition found in the Christian faith is foundational to Canadian society

We believe in the inherent dignity of human life, from conception to natural death

We believe that all Canadians have the right to express and practice publicly legitimate religious beliefs, and that government has a duty to respect and safeguard those rights

We believe in the mutual responsibility of all citizens to be active in community life and participate in the democratic political process

We believe that the family, based on the one man and one woman model of marriage is central to a healthy, stable society

We believe that MPs and other elected representatives must be accountable to their constituents

We believe in policies which protect the inherent right and responsibility of parents in the raising and education of their children

We believe governments must exercise wisdom and responsibility in managing the tax revenues entrusted to them by working Canadians

We believe in seeking justice and protection for those unable to speak for themselves, particularly defenseless children

We believe in the supremacy of Parliament as lawmakers (not judges, human rights commissions or judicial bodies from outside of Canada)

Our Difference

We are a group of dedicated activists determined to influence public policy. We advocate for family-friendly policies and for keeping Christian principles in Canadian society.

ACTION makes CFA different from other groups. A healthy functioning democracy requires the engagement of its citizens. Many people want to influence society but don’t know what to do. CFA provides effective tools that make it easy for ordinary Canadians to take action.

CFA’s mandate is action that effects positive change. For that reason, CFA is not a charity. Charities are severely restricted by Canada’s Revenue Agency policies in regards to political action. Charities may spend a maximum of 10% of their budget on political action, but even then, there are some restrictions as to the type of political action they engage in.

We are a registered not-for-profit corporation.

We are non-partisan, and work to influence politicians of all major parties.

We equip citizens to take back their rightful place as part of the decision-making process of legislatures and parliament, education and parent Boards, and have their voices expressed in media.

Our History

Canada Family Action is recognized by politicians, other leaders and the media as being the most influential and effective grassroots political action organization in Canada working to promote family-friendly public policies, democratic accountability, justice, public morality, and freedoms of religion, speech and conscience. Political leaders have said that CFA is the most influential voice for the social conservative worldview.

Our greatest strength, unique to CFA, is our ability to mobilize timely, large-scale and effective citizen action on issues of concern to most Canadians. One of our campaigns mobilized a million Canadians to speak out; many other campaigns have generated unprecedented numbers of Canadians to voice their views on key issues.

Some accomplishments include:

  • Led a massive public awareness and political action campaign to lobby the government to raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 18, an effort that took seven years and finally culminated in the passage of legislation in February, 2008 that raised it to 16.
  • Pressured the CRTC to stop discriminating against religious broadcasters through a nation-wide campaign, resulting in additional broadcasting licenses.
  • Conducted a national prayer rally, with over 140,000 people attending 220 prayer rallies at MP offices on one day.
  • Organized successful boycotts for policies intolerant of the Christian worldview, including a boycott against RBC that resulted in the reversal of a national policy and a formal apology to CFA from RBC’s senior vice-president (after they lost a significant amount of business.)
  • Led a 700,000 signature petition campaign against child pornography, “one of the largest petition efforts in Canadian history,”, according to the Library of Parliament.
  • Mobilized a massive national campaign in support of traditional marriage. CFA will continue to teach and lobby for traditional marriage and defends the man-woman value of marriage because of its proven record of best environment for children.
  • In the last few months CFA has made presentations to MPs and cabinet ministers and mobilized citizen action on a number of issues, including polygamy, discrimination by human rights commissions against Christians, numerous cases of attacks on freedom of speech, and internet child sex crimes. CFA has been invited to testify at both parliamentary and senate committees on key issues.
  • One national campaign, Child Safe Nation, is a citizen based lobby demanding tougher laws to protect kids, deter pedophiles and achieve justice for victims of internet sex crimes.

CFA has exceptional favor with political leaders and is frequently invited to make presentations before parliamentary and senate committees.